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Our IRC echo channel(#)

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Our IRC echo channel(#)

Post by Play2Hard on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:51 am

Hi all!

This thread is constantly updated.

We've a IRC channel also and you can connect to the channel, by logging into the server: foco.us.irc.tl and add #CJWOF.echo Smile. You just need a IRC client or you could just logging through a web-based one, such as mibbit.

If you want to talk to our server while being on IRC, type !say [And your message] Smile

And you can read more about IRC client/s at this section: Other Software

It's getting updated soon with a mIRC tutorial, also if you want to know about KvIRC etc, just ask at this section:Software Issues

Here's a quick, but good IRC client guide and how to connect to IRC: Click me!

Join #CJWOF.echo , see you there! Smile

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