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Server IP and Rules

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Server IP and Rules

Post by Play2Hard on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:42 am

Server Rules:

This thread is constantly updated also.

Server's SA-MP client version: 0.3d-R2.

If you don't have some SA-MP versions, please go to:
1. http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php(0.3e-RC1-5 version is mainly for scripters)
2. Or even older: http://files.sa-mp.com/

The IP for the CJWOF server is:


1) Respect all players - Please respect all players, even if the players are new to the server. Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.
2) Do not quit to avoid death - Quitting to avoid death is against the rules, do not do it. It spoils the game for both you and the other people.
3) No abusing bugs - Abusing bugs is not allowed because it gives you the advantage over everyone else and makes the game unfair to play.
4) Don't ask to become an admin - The admins themselves will help chose who will become the next admins.
5) No hacks/cheats - Any hacking or cheating will result in an immediate ban.
6) No mods, beside radar map mods.-For now, only Radar Mods are allowed.

(If you want to recover your password, /pm CaptainJohn
There's available commands for players now also, but not for long, it's bad if someone plays from the same PC and ask for new pass in-game or change it.
As admins can change it also in-game, as it is now.
But I think we're going to only let the owner/main-scripter CaptainJohn handle it instead in future updates.)

More about the server, here below:
News And Updates

Server Rules

Server IP

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