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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Play2Hard on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:50 am

Forums Rules:

New Members Section

    ☆ Please, visit this section and introduce yourself: New Members Section
    ☆ Do not create multiple accounts. If you've been banned on one account.

    ☆ Check all the Forum Categories/Topics/Threads and post your reply or thread in the right section/thread. Don't random post.

About pictures and forums avatars and signatures:

    ☆ Your signature shouldn't be over 600x400. Any chosen format, like .gif,.png.
    (If you don't know how big 600x400
    Click Here!)

    ☆ Your forum avatar shall not be over 100x100. It can be any chosen format.
    (If you don't know how big 100x100 is, Click here!)

    (If you want to know how to post pictures/screenshots) - Read

Forum Warnings:

    ☆ If you don't follow the forums rules, you're being issued warnings.

    ☆ An administrator can, in terms of preserving the peace around the forums, give you a player an instant BAN from the forums, this depends from a situation to another.
    But warnings are usually issued first, written ones. It comes to your mail-box.

  • 3 Warnings in 2 weeks = BAN for 3 days.
  • 4 Warnings in 2 weeks = BAN for 5 days.
  • 5 warnings in 2 weeks = BAN for 7 days.
  • 6 Warnings in 2 weeks = BAN for 14 days.
  • 7 Warnings in 2 weeks = BAN for 31 days
  • 8 Warnings in 2 weeks = Permanently BAN.

And here you can read more about it: New Warning System,CLICK HERE

General rules:
    ☆ The official language is English. Different language section could be done.
    ☆ Do not spam.
    ☆ Do not insult anyone.
    ☆ Do not post someone's picture or private information without their permission.
    ☆ And try to not just post one- word- posts, especially not in the Suggestion Section
    ☆ Don't create a flame-war, so called bitching. If you want to bitch about something, please go to Bitch Hard!
    ☆ Do not double post. Use the "edit" button to edit previous posts of yours.
    ☆ Do not bump your threads up. If you're asking for something, please wait.
    ☆ Do not swear or use any racist words against anyone.
    ☆ Respect the admins/moderators/operators.
    ☆ Respect all of CJWOF players, on the forums/IRC and on the server of course.
    ☆ Do not bring a beef from forums or from another server to CJWOF, Thanks.
    ☆ Please, read the specific rules for each section/board and each player's thread, Thanks.
    ☆ You may only advertise a server here: Server Advertisements
    ☆ Beside advertising on the section mentioned above, it's not allowed to advertise in our server, IRC or any other section/thread or in your signature, Thanks.
    ☆ You may contribute with your scripts at,only there: Downloads

About nudity/violence/extremist thoughts:
☆ Sure, we allow nudity in that degree, which GTA:SA are having. That means, not all off clothes pics with men or women, they have to wear bikini or boxers, at least.

☆ Don't post some videos where you hurting an animal or another human/s, that's not fun at all and we don't like such behavior, all people should be respected.
But you may post like, fighting videos, soccer fights etc or something else, please use common sense and don't post any torturing videos or such similar videos. Thanks.
(If you like such, /pm to each other.)

☆ If you've extremist thoughts of any kinds, you're not welcomed here if you post your thoughts. We're all individuals and no one should be forced on something.

Explanations for all the general sections here:


News And Updates - Usually all the topics are locked and you can just read.
Forum Rules- These are the Forum Rules,please read.
Server Rules/ip and our IRC #- Here you can find Server IP/Rules and info about our IRC.
Banned, can't connect. And the rules are: click.

General Section:

New Members Section - Please introduce yourself to us Smile
General Discussion - You can talk about anything here. Not CJWOF stuff though.
Movies/Media- Post your pictures or some good movies.
Music- Post all kind of music, besides all kind of racist music.
Cool Web Stuff- Share some nice videos or some funny or interesting things.
Bitching Section- Here you may bitch/cry or moan about anything.

CaptainJohn's World Of Fun

General CJWOF discussion- Here you can only talk about CJWOF.
CJWOF suggestions-Post your suggestions in order to improve CJWOF!
CJWOF Player Complaints- Player Complaints.Rules: Number 1 And Number 2
CJWOF Bugs/Typos- Here you may post any bugs/typos you've found.
CJWOF Movies/Pictures- Post only movies/pictures from CJWOF server.


Game Help- If you need any help, regarding the game-play, post here.
Game Guides/Info- Post or make game guides mainly about the actual game.
Other Software- Post your own tutorials/guides about other any other cool software.
Software/Computer Issues - Post your software or PC issue here.
Test- -Blog testing-

General Gaming Discussion - Feel free to create all kind of gaming topics.
GTA Discussion here - ONLY GTA related discussion.
General Video Games Discussion - Discussion Video Games here.


Scripting Help- If you need any scripting help, please post here.
Server Advertisements- Here you may advertise a/your server.
Downloads- Contribute with some gamemodes or filterscript etc.


Français/French French section, only.

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