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Ty and House Locations!

Post by Play2Hard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:23 am

Thanks for this update Smile

Also House Locations are:

    - Angel Pine
    - Bayside
    - Blueberry
    - Bone Country (most of the houses added)
    - Becon Hill
    - Creek
    - Dillimore
    - East Beach (LS)
    - East Lost Santos (LS)
    - El Quebrados
    - Flint Country (Flint Intersection etc, most of the houses created)
    - Last Dime Hotel (LV)
    - Los Flores (LS)
    - Fort Carson
    - Ganton (LS)
    - Grove Street (LS)
    - Hampton Barns
    - Las Payadas
    - Las Barrancas
    - Montgomery
    - Mulholland (Most of it)
    - Old Venturas Strip (LV)
    - Palomino Creek
    - Prickle Pine
    - Red Country (most of the houses created)
    - Redsands West (LV)
    - Richman (Most of it)
    - Starfish Casino (LV)
    - The Farm
    - Tierra Robada (most of the houses created)
    - Valle Ocultado
    - Whitewood Estates (LV)
    + Max 5 houses at San Fierro.

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